About Hero House


Hero House is an original graphic novel coming in November from Arcana Comics. It's character-driven superhero action with a sense of humor and a simple concept: a college fraternity for the superheroes of tomorrow.

Written and created by: Justin Aclin (Twisted ToyFare Theatre)
Pencils and character designs by: Mike Dimayuga (Hack/Slash)
Cover by: Ed McGuinness (Hulk, Superman/Batman)
Inks by: Frank E. Stone
Colors by: Brian Gabrillo
Lettered by: Shawn DePasquale

Epsilon Epsilon Psi is a fraternity with a unique mission: to prepare the super-powered students of today to become the best superheroes they can be. Nate Hedges was a teen superhero and the star of his school, but at college he feels like a nobody. So when he's tapped by the university president to go undercover and investigate the Eps, will he find the super-powered hazing the administration fears? Or will he find a place where he finally belongs?

Hero House is slated for release on November 25th 2009 in comic shops and on Amazon.com. Stay tuned to AclinCorp for all the Hero House news you need!


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