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Welcome to the official launch of AclinCorp, a production blog dedicated to the superhero OGN Hero House. Before we get started, you can go here to learn more about Hero House, and here to learn more about this website.

From now until the book's September release and beyond, I (I'm Justin, by the way) will be posting sketches, designs, rough artwork, humorous anecdotes and exclusive first-looks, all related to Hero House. In honor of the website's official launch, I'm going to lead off with a first look at the first three pages of Hero House. You don't get to see the actual Hero House in these pages, but it should give you a good idea of the tone of the book and introduce you to our most important character, Nate Hedges:

Update: Due to whatever vagaries of the posting process, the colors for these pages ended up looking a little more...intense than they will in the finished product.


  1. Look how far you've come! Congrats, Justin! I remember talking about this back in the days when we shared the same office (building)

  2. It looks very good. I love the Canterbury Tales scene with the default answer—"Christ-like Imagery"—and the attractive redhead. I look forward to reading it. I'm very pleased to see you've become a writer of comics.

    It was you, after all, who got me into Gaiman, ironically through one of his prose works. You've always shown great promise as a fiction writer.


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