The Hero House cover: an AclinCorp premiere!

That's the thing about having your own blog - you can have all the world premieres you damn well please.

Anyway, it's not 100% nailed down yet, but I couldn't wait to share with you folks our fantastic looking cover.

(Click to expand)
Here are the credits:
Cover Pencils by Ed McGuinness
Cover Inks by Frank E. Stone
Cover Colors by Brian Gabrillo
Hero House Logo by Jairo Leon and Michael Bencic
Cover Design by Jairo Leon

What does everyone think? Striking? Too plain? Awesome beyond words. Let me know in the comments - it's not too late in the process to see if I can't throw some Chromium on there if you think that's what it needs.


  1. I kind of think the dude in the middle should be in front. It just looks kinda weird that his foot is the closest yet the other guys are covering him. Also, he's in the middle. haha.

    Other than that, I think it looks pretty nice. I'm excited to read this thing.

  2. Awesome! But yeah, I would bring your hero to the front. If I were to second-guess Jairo any more, I would swap Brutal and green-arm guy. It might seem more balanced.

  3. It looks great, except the absence of ANIME SPEED LINES! For all I know, those guys are standing still...I need SPEED LINES!

    (But fer reals, looks good...I second Zach's suggestions. I think it would pop more that way)


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