Sneak Peek: Kylus and the Impossible Prophecy

As the grand finale to my Author of the Month month at my agency, Great Dog Literary, we're showing off some design art from my graphic novel Kylus and the Impossible Prophecy, which is going out on submission soon! All of the art is by the incredible Melissa Duffy. We're so fortunate to have Duffy working on this project.

I'd like to share the art that got shared on social, give a bit more context and even share a couple bonus pieces.

Let's start with our main character, Kylus. 12-year-old Kylus has been training for battle his entire life, preparing to fulfill his destiny by wielding a legendary weapon called Faira's Favor and destroying a great evil. Because he doesn't know what kind of weapon Faira's Favor actually is, he has to train to become a master at all of them. He does favor his sword, though, which you can see in the art above. It's got a hilt made out of a shell, which is typical of Kylus' seaside town of Wistall Harbor.

You may also notice that Kylus has a birthmark on his face shaped like a constellation. That's how you know he's the chosen one. ("Oh great, a Chosen One," I can hear you say. Well, just because someone has a great destiny doesn't mean they'll be able to fulfill it. Stay tuned...)

Here's a piece of bonus art we didn't share on social: a full-body shot of Kylus. We're still finalizing all the details, but check it out!

Next up is Kylus' loyal companion, Viri the tarrop!

What's a tarrop? Well, it's kind of like a clam, but much bigger and infinitely more adorable. Kylus has grown up on a tarrop farm, and Viri is his sister Mayla's favorite of all the tarrops. Viri and his adorableness have a very important role to play in whether or not Kylus will be able to fulfill his destiny.

The "great evil" Kylus is trying to defeat is called the Emperor of No Nation. The Emperor travels with an army of warriors who are under his thrall called the Nationless. Kylus has been training to battle the Nationless, and the first one he encounters and has to fight is named Ranno.

Ranno gives Kylus a serious run for his money...and he's just one man. How is Kylus supposed to take on a whole army?

Here's some bonus art: Ranno facial expressions:

Will Kylus fulfill the prophecy and defeat the Emperor? Well, the book's not called Kylus and the Possible Prophecy...

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