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2023 In Review

Whew, what a year, folks.

When I decided to reflect on my year in writing, I thought it would be useful to keep an inventory of what I accomplished in 2023. And I was right, because it turns out at least one of the things I was certain I'd done in 2023 (the latest revisions to the script for KYLUS AND THE IMPOSSIBLE PROPHECY) actually happened in 2022.

Oh well!

It was still a fairly productive year overall. So here's what I did:

  • Completed a revised pitch packet for KYLUS AND THE IMPOSSIBLE PROPHECY featuring new art from our incredible new artist Max Bare.

  • Finished the first draft of the script for a new middle grade graphic novel, code-named PROJECT GOLDEN GLOVES. (Finished in July, started the previous September.) Started work on the second draft, which is ongoing.

  • Started another middle grade graphic novel, code-named PROJECT KERFUFFLE, in November. This one's pretty different from the previous two!

  • Unexpectedly decided to start a new adult novel, code-named PROJECT MASKED, at the very end of December!

The plan for 2024 is to try to be even more productive, starting with bouncing between revisions for Golden Gloves and work on Kerfuffle and Masked, as the mood strikes me. Plus, of course, hoping for some good news on Kylus.

Here's hoping for a great year overall, for you, me and everyone else. Well...almost everyone. There's one dude I hope has a terrible 2024.

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