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AclinCorp Interview: Brian Gabrillo


(Above: Almost done! Brian’s colors bring the page to the brink of completion. Come back tomorrow to see the final lettered page and read the interview with letterer Shawn.)

Today’s interview is with our colorist, Brian Gabrillo.

1) How did you first become a fan of comics?

It all began when a friend lent me the “death of superman” comic book; I was not a comic book fan until then. After rereading it I began searching for books to read and collect. What really got me hooked, though, was getting a hold of Image titles “Wetworks” “WildC.A.T.S” “Cyberforce” and “Pitt.” The art and the story was new so I was able to collect all the issues..

2) How did you start getting into art? How did you start coloring specifically?

I was already drawing when I was a kid, my mom says, but never really looked into it as a profession, even took statistics as a course during college. One time, though, my teachers saw my doodles on the notebook and said that I would be better if I was in an art related course, so I shifted. It was the logical thing to do.

After graduating I entered [the workplace] as a graphic artist, doing lay-out and concept work and designing toys for a major fast food restaurant here in the Philippines. When news came that a comic book talent scout was going to visit the Philippines my girlfriend suggested I try applying as a colorist rather than a penciller, since I have not drawn much due to the work I had, and I followed her suggestion.

I applied as a colorist. The talent scout said I was good but not yet great, but hey, that counts as something! So I practiced everyday after work, also taking in some local independent comic coloring jobs to improve, and there I began as a colorist.

3) What made you decide to take the Hero House assignment?

I was looking for additional work and something to boost my portfolio as well as a colorist, and by coincidence the studio I freelance for, “Big Cat Studios” offered me a 4-issue job. After giving me the information, I took the job. I mean, its not everyday I get a chance to color an Ed McGuinness cover, more so color a whole mini-series that was written by Justin Aclin (We have ToyFare magazine in the office when we want to update ourselves what new toys are out). Plus, it would be of great help for my portfolio.

4) What was the hardest thing you had to do for Hero House?

Well, the hardest part for me was coloring the interior pages, since it had a different style than what I usually do, which I used to color the covers. Nevertheless, I was happy because it had me develop an additional style that I could use and improve my skills.

5) What was your favorite part of working on it?

My favorite part was doing the big splash pages and of course getting the book done. It was the graphic novel I had that was coming out, so I was excited getting it done.

6) What’s next for you?

Well right now I plan to study 3d softwares (Maya and 3D Studio Max) to learn new stuff that could help me in my advancement in my day job. For the coloring part, I’m beefing up my portfolio right now. I plan to add more stuff on my DA page ( to show to publishers.

7) Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity, Justin! I would also like to thank the guys at Big Cat Studios for the job and of course Mike, Frank, Shawn and Ed for letting me be a part of the Hero House Team.

Thank you, Brian!

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