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Altered States


So as you know, Hero House took a long-ass time to come together. But once, way in the beginning of the process, Mike and I considered an alternate course which would have allowed us to burn through the art in much less time. Mike said to me, “What do you think about doing the book in a manga style?”

Now I’m not much of a manga fan, to be honest. And while I think Mike’s manga style looks great (you can see some more of his art in that style on his site ), I always envisioned Hero House in an American comic art style. I don’t think you can just take a comic book, do it in manga style and have it work out correctly. Manga’s got its own storytelling style, even beyond just the art.


So ultimately Mike ended up doing a couple of tests just to see how the characters would look in the manga style (they’re the art you’re seeing it this post, a-dur), we decided to stick with the original art style, even though we knew it would take longer (and it did). But sometimes good things are worth the wait.

Next up, I’ll try to get into the designs of some of our other characters. Because you haven’t lived until you’ve met Animale.

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