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Cast Your Pod to the Wind

With apologies to They Might Be Giants for the title theft.

If you've been hoping to have a little bit more of me speaking and saying "um" a lot in your life, you're in luck! I recorded two podcasts recently with some magnificent friends.

First, I was part of a (literally!) star-studded panel on the podcast Wizards: The Podcast Guide to Comics to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wizard Magazine. You can view it on YouTube or listen in podcast version. It was great fun to have a conversation with some people who I haven't seen in years, some people who I've never met and some people who I speak to constantly about our shared time at one of the weirdest day jobs anyone's ever had. Sometimes I tell my kids about working at Wizard and it sounds like I'm making stuff up.

Then, I stopped by Babu's Frikin Podcast with another friend and Wizard alum, the great Alex Segura, to talk about our experience writing Star Wars books. I think we had a pretty interesting discussion about the joys and challenges of writing in a shared universe.

Hope you enjoy them!

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