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Once more, with feeling…

Non-Hero House blogging will resume soon, with my tragically late thoughts on the David Tennant Doctor Who finale and his tenure as the Doctor. It’ll no doubt be epic.

But in the meantime, I wanted to bring you some actual important Hero House news. The graphic novel will be out in stores tomorrow. Yes, I know I said something similar two months ago, but that didn’t pan out. This time, though, it’s showing up on Diamond ship lists, which gives me extra confidence that it’s actually happening this time.

Same rules apply as last time – if you’re going to try to pick it up, call your local comic shop first and make sure they’re stocking it. Not every single shop ordered it, but if you find it you can be as happy as those two happy fellows at the top of the post. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me talking about it for this past year (or, if you’re my wife, these past six years). Stay tuned for me talking about other stuff!

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