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Howdy, folks. Now that Hero House has a few reviews under its belt, I figured I’d collect them all in one place! Just a reminder – if you or anyone you know or anyone you don’t know wants to review the book or interview me or the rest of the creative team (except Ed, who I am not the boss of), please email me at herohousecomic [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll make it so!

First up this is not a review, but I think it’s kind of cool. It’s the first interview I’ve ever done as a comic author, conducted with new-ish site Comic Hero News. Speaking of CHN, here’s the link to their review of Hero House.

Next up is a more personal review by Mike Birnbaum, who I knew from college. He gets some of the little Boston University in-jokes I inserted into the book.

Next up is a bit of a mixed review by Snow Glare for website The Fwoosh. Yes, I’m even man enough to link to my mixed reviews.

Website Super Summaries took a break from their usual practice of reviewing Superman comics to do a review of Hero House where they compare it (favorably) to Buffy.

And finally (so far) Kastor’s Korner gives us a nice review that some might consider a little too spoilerific for this stage in the game. You’ve been warned.

Thanks to everyone who’s read or reviewed the book so far, and remember: I’m looking for more. We’re only three weeks away from Hero House being available at San Diego. Ca-razy!

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