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San Diego memories (or…Hero House is actually out!)

(Above: Your humble creators: Mike Dimayuga (left) and Justin Aclin)

Okay, I think I might finally be recovered enough from San Diego Comic-Con to write about it.

I certainly did a lot of interesting stuff at the show to end all shows (you can read about some of it in this interview with me at CBR’s Robot 6 blog), but the most exciting thing was seeing the very first physical copies of Hero House, and getting to sell them and sign them for fans! (Or soon-to-be fans, since they hadn’t actually read the book yet…)

Here’s a pic of me signing:

And here’s the sign we had hanging to help bring in ToyFare fans (it worked, too!):

Arcana only brought 40-50 special first-off-the-presses books to the show, but by early afternoon on Sunday they were totally sold out. That means I get to call the book “SMASH HIT SELL-OUT GRAPHIC NOVEL HERO HOUSE!!!!” With four exclamation points like that.

Anyway, here’s the latest stuff you need to know about the comic:

ITEM! Apparently the book will be available in September on Amazon, but if you REALLY love me you’ll wait to buy it in November at your local comic shop, to better help spread the word about it. Either way, I’ll have all the details on how to get it here at AclinCorp.

ITEM! Speaking of spreading the word, I’m a guest this week on the exemplary interview podcast The People You Don’t Know. The interview touches on my life and career, Dino Riders and, of course, Hero House. Please check it out, and special thanks to Robert Bricken for tagging me to get interviewed!

ITEM! Even though the book has been released (albeit in a very limited manner), the behind-the-scenes antics will not be stopping here at this blog. Keep checking back for more stuff, like a look at the evolution of the Eps team jacket. It’s more exiting than it sounds. Thanks for reading!

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