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Shallow Thoughts – 1/24/10

My long-form blogging is tending to be pretty…long. So here’s an experiment in short, bite-size blogging.

• First and foremost, happy “dating anniversary” to my lovely wife. 15 years ago today she asked me out in between high school midterms. It is my sole mission in life to make her happy that she made that decision.

• Despite the fact that we could have caught it any time in the past couple of months, we watched the Caprica pilot when it aired on SyFy on Friday. Before it aired I wasn’t sure I even wanted to venture back into the Battlestar universe, after so much closure was achieved in the finale (I’m one of those people who really, really liked the finale). After watching it I think it’ll be interesting, but I can’t see how it can sustain as a series for much longer than a season. It seems (and I’m basing this at least partially on the teaser poster I’ve seen everywhere around the city) that they’re going to be exploring the “original sin” that started the Human/Cylon war, or at least the most recent iteration of it. The thing that most struck me after watching it was realizing how there were absolutely no teenagers on Battlestar, and how they play such an important part on this show. Teenagers are annoying.

• It was actually weird to watch SyFy again – I’ve barely turned it on since they lost Doctor Who to my new favorite cable channel, BBC America. Right now they’re showing my favorite Hitchcock film, Rear Window. I love you, BBC America.

• If you’re still interested in buying a copy of my book, it’s now in-stock and shipping from Barnes and Noble. Thanks again to all my friends who Tweeted about it.

• I didn’t watch Conan’s last episode, but I read the transcript of his farewell speech. That guy is a class act.

• My buddy Sean T. Collins just put up a downloadable mix of his Best Songs of 2009. Even though our tastes don’t seem to overlap…barely at all…it’s definitely worth checking out. This set off a spate of mix-making amongst my friends that I’d love to get in on, but I’ve literally just been listening to the latest albums by Vampire Weekend and Phoenix over and over and over lately.

• And finally, I got really depressed this past week about events in the political realm, but I found a comforting thought Friday night that helped me, and I figured I’d share it in case anyone else out there is having a hard time. Basically, it occurred to me (and it’s fairly simplistic) that if you pay attention to every election and poll and decision and all that, things can seem very discouraging. But if you pull back…WAY back…and just look at the flow of human history, things are always improving. I look at it this way: if you could be living in any time period, not as a royal but just as a regular person, when would you live? I think I’d choose right now. Brooke says that she’d live as a Baby Boomer, because they got everything easy and then kind of ruined everything for the rest of us. She might be onto something there…

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