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State of the Comic 4/9: The Almost Done Edition

Holy Moses, folks (oh, Happy Passover, by the way)…we are SO almost done with the comic. We’re so almost done that if we were any more almost done, we’d be all the way done. Think about it.

I downloaded a pretty-much-finished PDF last night of the entire comic…only to find just a few last niggling mistakes that I figured we might as well fix before we shut the door on this thing. But having read the entire book in color, lettered and in one sitting now, I can say with confidence that I’m SUPREMELY proud of how it came out, and of everyone involved with it. I’m going to have a final PDF of the whole shebang no later than next week, so if you’re a retailer or blogger who’d like a copy for review, just drop me a note at herohousecomic[little “at” sign]gmail[dot]com.

And now, in keeping with our “almost done” theme, at the top of the post you’ll find the almost-done pin-up for the book done by my ludicrously talented brother. (The final version has a slightly less blue Geist…)

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