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The Art Collector (Me)


So I had a surprise package waiting for me in the mail when I got home today: my share of Mike and Frank’s original art from Hero House! Crazy!

What’s really crazy about it is seeing artwork that I’ve been looking at for a loooong time (in the case of page 18, the first page Mike drew, over five years) up close and personal. Because Frank inked directly over Mike’s pencils what I’ve got now are the inks (like the above page, the first page of chapter 2). Looking through them all together, I realized that what I requested as my souvenir was, by and large, not the big splashy action pages (with the exception of one particularly awesome splash page from issue 3, depicting the Year One team in all its glory) – I really seemed to ask for the pages that contained really great character work and great facial acting from Mike and Frank.

It’s a real honor to be the owner of some one-of-a-kind art from a book that means so much to me. And I know that when Mike is a big famous artist, this stuff’s gonna be worth a ton of dough. But, uh, I won’t sell it. Seriously.

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