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The Last Twisted ToyFare Theatre Ever

From the first moment I laid eyes on it (“Super Villain Jeopardy” in ToyFare #1), I wanted to be a Twisted ToyFare Theatre writer. I never wanted to be the final Twisted ToyFare Theatre writer, but hey. That’s how things worked out.

It occurred to me that very few (if any!) people probably saw the final Twisted ToyFare Theatre, so I wanted to present it here. Basically, this story was originally created for ToyFare #164, which, though completed, never went to the printer. It was then repurposed to run in the first four issues of “Wizard World,” the new iPad publication that replaced Wizard and ToyFare in early 2011 (which is why pages 3-5 all start with a recap). The idea was that every subsequent issue of Wizard World would have had a page of Twisted ToyFare (now called Toy due to trademark issues) Theatre. That didn’t happen. TTT departed Wizard World after this story, and I departed Wizard World shortly thereafter.

I don’t think this is the best strip we’ve ever done (although it is literally the ultimate TTT!), but it’s got some solid gags, and I’m eternally proud of the work that my collaborators did on Twisted ToyFare throughout my run. In this case, those collaborators include photographer Dan Reilly, designer James Walker, writer/storyboard artist Jon Gutierrez and co-writers Carlos Mejia, TJ Dietsch and Rob Bricken. 

Some day I’m sure I’ll tell the story of the decline and death of Twisted ToyFare. In the meantime, please to enjoy witnessing it for yourself!

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