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The state of the comic – 2/10

Since this blog is primarily going to be concerned with how the comic came together, it’s going to be mostly living in the past. But every once in a while I’ll share with you what’s going on right now.

For instance, I just sent Shawn the letterer an email saying the last bit of corrections for chapter 3 are good, which means the book is now 3/4 of the way done. And since we’re so close and we’ve got a fairly firm release date, I decided it’s time to strut:


(Please forgive my weird facial expression – Ryan’s friend was trying to snap the picture on Ryan’s super-futuristic phone, and as a result we were standing like that for about 90 seconds, unaware of exactly when the pic might get snapped.)

So that’s where we are right now – the book’s almost but not quite done, and the merchandising has already begun.

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