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The Time is Now! Ask your comic retailer to order Hero House

See those Diamond Previews covers? Well within that issue is your opportunity to order Hero House! Here’s what you do.

1) Find a comics retailer near you. You can use Diamond’s Comic Shop Locator to find one.

2) Go there and tell them you’d like to order a copy of Hero House. It appears on page 192 in the catalogue and its order number (this is the important part) is SEP09 0592. You might also want to mention how you hear it’s going to be really good and the writer writes the very popular Twisted ToyFare Theatre and etc etc etc. You don’t have to feel bad about saying these things, because they’re all true.

3) Head back to the shop in November and pick up your copy!

It’s that simple! If you know any comic fans in your life, definitely let them know about it as well. And if you’re a retailer or a reviewer and you’d like a PDF copy of the book, just contact me at herohousecomic[at]gmail[dot]com and it’s all yours!

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