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'Twas the night before San Diego…

Holy crap, people. You can buy Hero House STARTING TOMORROW (if you’re in San Diego).

Before this momentous occassion, a few housekeeping notes…

First of all, as you can tell from the image above, I finally was able to do some shirts (and onesies!) in our Zazzle store, thanks to some image help from Brian Gabrillo. Check out to buy the long-awaited Hero House Epsilon Epsilon Psi logo shirt for yourself!

Next, don’t forget to come to the Arcana booth, 2415 on Sunday from 12-2 pm for the Hero House signing with me and Mike Dimayuga. Mike will also be sketching for graphic novel purchasers, so you won’t want to miss that.

I was going to link to some of our most recent reviews and plugs, but I’m going to be flying across the country soon and I want to spend some time with my wife now. Be back soon!

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