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'War Rocket' Explodes!

Hero House Month continues with a new appearance on a comic book podcast! This time it’s me, Rob Bricken, TJ Dietsch and Jon Gutierrez on War Rocket Ajax, the awesome new-ish podcast from The ISB’s Chris Sims and People You Don’t Know’s Eugene Ahn. We discuss Twisted ToyFare Theatre, toy movies, balloons full of feces and, of course, I take the opportunity to plug Hero House (out in comic shops on November 25th, motherlovers!). Click the awesome Rusty Shackles art above to check it out, or click here. (If you’re the impatient type, the Twisted ToyFare segment starts around the 17-minute mark, and continues for well over an hour after that).

If you’ve clicked over here from WRA, welcome. Start here to find out more about Hero House. If you enjoyed listening to Rob and I get interviewed by Eugene, check out my appearance on The People You Don’t Know and Rob’s appearance, which also happens to contain the first meeting between WRA co-hosts Eugene and Chris! Oh, and definitely check out the “Is He-Man really a magician?” letter at ToyFare’s blog!

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