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JA (and MD) on the Radio!

Want to hear me and Hero House illustrator Mike Dimayuga being interviewed live on the air (in Texas) for an hour this weekend? Then check out Fanboy Radio this Sunday at 7 pm Eastern!

Unlike a lot of other podcasts, FBR actually goes out live on the air, so if you go to the site and click on “Listen to KTCU Live” you’ll be able to hear us live! If not, podcasts are usually available on the site the next day. We’ll be talking about Hero House, of course, but also probably ToyFare, San Diego, current comics…it should be a blast. Mike and I are definitely looking forward to it.

I’ve been on FBR once already with the illustrious Zach Oat, but this will be my first time on live. And it is a call-in show, so please listen and give a call in if it sounds like I’m getting boring. Many thanks to Mr. Scott Hinze for having me back on. If you go to the FBR page right now it says that Mark Millar is the guest (he had to reschedule), which is fine with me, because a lot more people will tune in if they think Millar is the guest than my sorry ass. I may or may not start the interview in a Scottish accent, talking about my plans for the Superman movie franchise.

I want to take a moment to thank some of the other folks who’ve been helping us make the Hero House Insufferable Media Tour 2009 a success. First up my good buddy Casey Schreiner, who plugged the book at the end of his backed-by-a-major-cable network podcast, The MMO Report.

Thanks as well to Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog, which mentioned the book’s release in a recent San Diego round-up. UPDATE! They also have now posted this interview with me about my plans for San Diego regarding Hero House and ToyFare. Thanks, JK!

Thanks to the folks at the Nerd City podcast, who gave the book a nice plug recently.

And finally, thanks to everyone who’s become a fan on Facebook, especially the folks who are clicking the “share” button and spreading the word. As of this writing we’re only 13 shy of 100. We can do it!

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