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The Countdown Begins…

[Above: Mike’s one-and-done design for Langley, one of Nate’s fellow freshman pledges]

The big week has finally arrived! Before you stuff your face on Thursday, hit the comic shop on Wednesday to pick up Hero House! Make sure to call first to ensure they have Hero House in stock. If you’re unable to find a comic shop that carried it, try Amazon.

Planning on picking up Hero House on release day? Proud as hell about this fact? Why not RSVP to the official Facebook event?

If all goes according to plan, there should be a new interview and hopefully a big preview of the book up online this week, which I’ll link here when it happens. Also, the fun doesn’t all end on Wednesday – artist Mike Dimayuga and inker Frank E. Stone are planning some West Coast in-store signing, and I’m working on getting one or two going on the East Coast. Again, check back here for details as soon as they’re available.

And hey, when you buy your book, tell us about it! Leave a comment here or send an email to herohousecomic [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for your support!

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